Commercial Cleaning

Working with and for you

We are fortunate to be working for Kiwi businesses nationwide, all of whom rely on us to keep their healthcare facilities, aged care facilities, supermarkets, factories, warehouses, motorhomes, schools, ECE’s, car dealerships and offices in immaculate condition. We keep things spotless, organized, and inviting so that hard working businesses can focus on what they do best.

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What could be more perfect than having dedicated Hygiene Specialists equipped with the most up  to date knowledge, armed to the teeth with cutting edge tech and the tools to eradicate mess to make your workspace work better for you? Hiring them of course! With free quotes on all your  cleaning needs, we’re zero risk and all reward, waiting on call for you.


All our staff are thoroughly vetted through police background checks. Swachh staff always turn up on time and in uniform and are easily identifiable using our client facing QMS at all times. We recognize that property owners and investors are placing what is most precious to them in our hands, and we are dedicated to not only transparency but also integrity in all that we do.


Swachh is changing what it means to be clean. Our dedicated and highly trained Hygiene Specialists kill and prevent the growth of bacteria, mould, and other harmful contaminants from any commercial or domestic space.


We are committed to fostering a healthy and more sustainable living environment for everyone by using organic enzyme-based cleaning agents. We’re committed to leaving a long-lasting impact on our clients, not on our planet.

Hard flooring

We remove broken old sealant and any caked-on grime from your floors with our specialized scrubbing machines, then re-seal it to protect it from new markings. Finally, we buff the dried sealant to a reflective shine.

Carpet Cleaning

Our Hygiene Specialists use heavy duty steam cleaning machines to loosen the fibres of your carpets to lift out rocks, dirt, mud, ash, dead skin, dust, grease, food and other contaminants. This removes odours and most stuck-in stains, leaving your floors looking good and smelling better.

Furniture steam cleaning

Our specialized heavy-duty steam cleaning machines lift sweat, grease, food, dirt, and other contaminants right out of your upholstery, leaving it looking clean, sharp and professional.

Offices and meeting rooms

Swachh offers flexible cleaning times that seamlessly integrate around your busy schedules. We take care of the vacuuming, mopping, disinfection, and dust busting so that your office can work toward their goals unimpeded.

Kitchen cleaning

We handle everything from in-depth countertop disinfection to spotless appliance exteriors. Our dedicated team ensures that your kitchen shines and frees up your time to enjoy your kitchens and breakrooms more thoroughly.

Commercial Kitchen degreasing and deep cleans

Hard work can take its toll on kitchen. From lime-scale buildup in your sinks and sanitizers, to caked on grease under your range hoods, back splashes, and floor mats. Take away the risk of a workplace accident and let Swachh restore your space into a well-oiled machine, not an oily one.

Sanitizing and disinfection

Whether bacteria or virus, our commercial cleaning is your shield! Using potent disinfectants, we obliterate bacteria, ensuring spotless surfaces. Viruses are no match – we deactivate them, promoting a healthier environment. From offices to public spaces, Swachh not only cleans but fortifies against unseen threats

Toilets and bathrooms

Possibly the most vital room in any space, Swachh keeps this discreet place ship shape and sanitized. We remove stains and rust, bust dust, and leave every surface including the floors smelling good and shining.

Showers and changing rooms

Grit and grime is no match for our enzyme-based cleaning chemicals and steam machines! We remove dead skin, hair, soap scum, sweat marks and handprints from every surface to kill bacteria and fungi before they can turn into diseases such as athlete’s foot and ring worm.

Mould removal

Our hygiene specialists kill mould spores and stop the spread of fungi from hurtingyour staff and reputation.

Cobweb clearing

We clear cobwebs from both the interiors and exteriors of your building, along with whatever accumulated dust, gunk and debris they carry.

Window washing

Swachh cleans handprints, bird droppings, hard water marks and anything else that gets between you and your view. Indoor or outdoor, high or low, we clean it all.

Air vent clearing

Dead skin, pollen, grease, dust and other small particulates build up in your air conditioner filters over time, causing breathing difficulties, headaches and other avoidable problems. We at Swachh are experts at removing these contaminants from your ventilation systems.

Driveway stain removal

Why live with that greasy splotch in the middle of your car park? We remove all concrete markings from your parking spaces and places.

Refuse and loading bay cleaning

Keeping this liminal space between your business and back of house pristine is key to keeping pests and other cross contaminators out of your way. If you want to stay professional and pristine, Swachh will take care of it for you.

Mass seating and desk cleans

We’re experts at clearing graffiti, gum, scuffs, ink staining andleaving our own mark against defamation. Leave it to us to dust your chairs and desk legs so that you can focus on what is most important.

External building cleans

Water blasting, window cleaning, mould removal, land scaping, water feature flushing and washing, and much more, Swachh is dedicated to restoring your building to its former glory, and better!

Post event cleanup

While our Hygiene Specialists ensure your venue is clean from top to bottom, we also repair buildings and lawns damaged after a large party using our Facilities Management team. We’re serious about immaculate, tidy, clean and pure spaces.

Industrial cleaning

We’re fortunate enough to be cleaning for food production, cold storage, building materials, car parts, storage sheds, lumber yards, chemical plants, and many more companies across the country. We are experts in elevating and sanitizing large commercial facilities, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution centres, logistics hubs, and processing facilities.

Construction cleanups

We ensure that post build, your new constructions are ready for your customers to live and work in. Air borne contaminants such as dust, fine particulate matter, paint fumes and volatile compounds are eliminated through comprehensive filtering and expungement procedures. Marks left behind on walls and floors from tradesmen are taken care of, and a final polish of all the new shiny things are done to ensure that your first impression is your best one

Transport Cleaning

Everyone has places they’ve got to go, and our dedicated Hygiene Specialists make sure that you do just that in style! From car detailing on the interior, to washing, waxing and polishing on the exterior, we do what we do best with your fleets and personal vehicles both on and off site.