Construction Cleaning

Pristine and Immaculate

Swachh helps to present your projects with unparalleled professionalism, leaving a lasting impression on clients. We help you to prioritize your workforce’s well-being, fostering increased productivity and reducing stress.

Our highly trained teams of Hygiene Specialists uphold the highest health and safety standards, ensuring compliance within industry standards. Impress clients effortlessly while saving yourself time and meeting tight project deadlines. Swachh offers cost-effective solutions, eliminating the need for investments in cleaning equipment and staff training. We also tailor our flexible scheduling to your project’s needs, minimizing disruptions during construction operations

Immaculate handover cleans

We remove the dust, paint splatter, and adhesives, volatile airborne  compounds and debris left behind after a new construction is completed. Swachh efficiently
clears and remove these barriers to occupancy and leaves the site looking pristine and immaculate, ready to make a good impression on your clients.

Time Efficiency

Swachh understands having to operate within tight time limits. We’re experts at
synching schedules and workquickly and tirelessly to meet deadlines, allowing your company to focus on their core tasks.

Enhanced Appearance:

A thoroughly cleaned and polished building showcases attention to detail and
professionalism. This is particularly important when presenting the finished product to clients, stakeholders, or potential tenants. Swachh provides both clean environments and positive first impressions.

Specialized Cleaning Services

Our specialized services, such as floor waxing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more contribute to maintaining the quality and longevity of any new constructs.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Outsourcing cleaning tasks allows your company to allocate their resources more efficiently. Instead of investing in cleaning equipment, chemicals, and personnel training, you can rely on Swachh to handle these strategic decisions for your company.

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We are the leading experts in providing perfect building handover cleans, ensuring that post build, your new constructions are ready for your customers to live and work in. Air borne contaminants such as dust, fine particulate matter, paint fumes and volatile compounds are eliminated through comprehensive filtering and expungement procedures. Marks left behind on walls and floors from tradesmen are taken care of, and a final polish of all the new shiny things are done to ensure that your first impression is your best one.


All our staff are thoroughly vetted through police background checks. Swachh staff always turn up on time and in uniform and are easily identifiable using our client facing QMS at all times. We recognize that property owners and investors are placing what is most precious to them in our hands, and we are dedicated to not only transparency but also integrity in all that we do.


Swachh is changing what it means to be clean. Our dedicated and highly trained Hygiene Specialists kill and prevent the growth of bacteria, mould, and other harmful contaminants from any commercial or domestic space.


We are committed to fostering a healthy and more sustainable living environment for everyone by using organic enzyme-based cleaning agents. We’re committed to leaving a long-lasting impact on our clients, not on our planet.