Top Industrial Floor Cleaning Tips From Swachh

Top Industrial Floor Cleaning Tips From Swachh

For aesthetic purposes, industrial floors are generally not washed. Industrial cleaning is necessary for the protection of workers and to ensure that activities operate smoothly because factory floors are exposed to a great deal of tension on a regular basis – from physical force and from different chemicals that create a chemical reaction on the surface. In the most challenging situation, the floor might result in consequential damage and accidents, with gasoline, acids, and other materials harmful or even hazardous tools and equipment.

We, Swachh services are the best industrial floor cleaner in Hamilton, New Zealand, our experts providing you with the latest cleaning experience. We guaranteed you 100% results. Floors at offices are crucial to maintaining properly in order to maximize their lifespan.

Top tips for floor cleaning
Not every floor needs to have the same care, and you can do more damage than good if you have it wrong. Here’s what you need to note, from lamination to wooden for dazzling floors.

  1. Have a complete understanding of your industrial floor.
  2. Please do NOT start with mopping the floor, first, sweep it thoroughly, and then use the mop.
  3. If you are using any equipment, make sure it is working and filled with clean water.
  4. Use pad or brush, which is suitable as per floor type.
  5. Use those chemicals which aren’t hazardous to your employee’s health.
  6. Do the scrubbing only when it is needed otherwise, it would damage the floor.
  7. Use a diluted solution of water and vinegar to clear traces and stains.
  8. Do steam cleaning also. Steam cleaning is a convenient and efficient way to clean enclosed floors and tiles, and they only use water.

Swachh: Your professional industrial cleaning service provider
Your floor influences your business environment and, by providing efficient floor cleaning service, Swachh is here to light the atmosphere of your industrial room.

We understand how important it is to have a clean and shiny floor for your industry’s reputation. We work together with our clients to design a tailor-made service that addresses your needs.
In order to provide a quality service that is also sustainable, we use modern cleaning equipment and follow environmentally-friendly practices. For the floor, we use a color-coded microfiber fabric scheme in order to preserve a safe atmosphere and prevent cross-contamination.

We are a popular name in industrial cleaning services for years committed to providing our customers, decontamination cleaning and sanitizing.

Our services

  • The most up-to-date machines are being used to vacuum the floor surfaces.
  • Strong chemicals are used but are not toxic to the surfaces.
  • Services at your doorstep as per your versatile hours.
  • We use microbial and organic (green) materials to the greatest extent possible.
  • Qualified, experienced, and police verified i.
  • We are flexible with scheduling; our comprehensive professional cleaning service will arrive at your door to satisfy all of your expectations at the time and location of your choice.


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