Floor scrubbing services in Hamilton

Searching for floor scrubbing services in Hamilton? Your search ends here.

Swachh offers a wide range of spring cleaning services for apartments, independent houses, offices, stores, warehouses, etc. We operate across the entire Hamilton area and we believe in providing quality services at competitive prices.

Why do you need floor scrubbing

These days, hygiene practices into sharp focus. And the fastest, safest, and most effective way to clean floors in commercial, private, institutional, and industrial facilities is with a scrubber dryer.

Mopping doesn’t remove contaminants, it just spreads them around. Mop water is only clean the first time it’s used and every subsequent dip of the mop adds contaminants to the water.

Scrubbing is the only way to guarantee you’re putting nothing but clean water and cleaning chemicals onto your floor.

Whether you are looking for vinyl floor polishing or wood floor polishing, Swachh offers all the services you need at competitive prices.

Our floor scrubbing services

Swachh offers floor cleaning for all types of floors like marble, vitrified tiles, vinyl, mosaic, Kota, granite etc. We scrub the floor thoroughly using state-of-the-art machines with eco-friendly detergents.

Our floor polishing services include several customary processes for effective restoration of marble, limestone, linoleum, wood floors etc. We use non-toxic finishing agents and ensure that the floors look good for years to come.

Our cleaning experts are also trained to use cutting-edge equipment to clean, polish and provide long term protection to floors.