Floor buffing and polishing services in Hamilton

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Swachh offers a wide range of vinyl and other floor buffing and polishing services for apartments, independent houses, offices, stores, warehouses, etc. We operate across the entire Hamilton area and we believe in providing quality services at competitive prices.

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Why you need buffing and polishing
If you are a homeowner, you know that floors start losing their original sheen after a while. Many choose to just go for a replacement, but that is an expensive prospect. Save yourself the hassle, money, and time with Swachh buffing and polishing services.

Our proficient experts will cover all the nooks and corners of your space and make sure every inch glistens like new.

No matter what flooring material you choose, even the best flooring tends to fade away with time. It is just a matter of when it will happen. Periodic buffing and polishing can save your floor and make sure it lasts long.

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Our buffing and polishing services
Our trained professionals specialize in all types of floor care services from routine cleaning to maintaining and restoring hard floor surfaces.

We at Swachh will restore your floor to its original beauty and extend its life by cleaning and resealing any kind of surface breakage or cracks, including vinyl composite tiles, solid vinyl, rubber, and polished concrete.

We only utilize the best and eco-friendly cleaning products.